Image of the CBCA courtroom, books of decisions, and front door.

The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) is an independent tribunal housed within the General Services Administration. The CBCA presides over various disputes involving Federal executive branch agencies. Its primary responsibility is to resolve contract disputes between government contractors and agencies under the Contract Disputes Act. The CBCA encourages the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in all appropriate cases. For a full discussion of the CBCA and its jurisdiction and history, please see The Board.

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New Decisions

Decision Date Case Number Appellant / Claimant / Applicant Judge Type
06/22/2016 CBCA 5084 SecTek, Inc. Chadwick Decision
06/21/2016 CBCA 4831 LJ Consultants, LLC Zischkau Dismissal
06/16/2016 CBCA 4946-RELO George Panos Daniels Decision
06/15/2016 CBCA 4939 BMC Contracting, LLC Drummond Decision
06/15/2016 CBCA 4905-RELO Charles K. Hill Zischkau Decision
06/14/2016 CBCA 4867 José Gustavo Zeno Hyatt Dismissal
06/14/2016 CBCA 5221-ISDA, 5222-ISDA, 5223-ISDA, 5224-ISDA, 5225-ISDA, 5226-ISDA, 5227 Upper Skagit Indian Tribe Drummond Dismissal
06/09/2016 CBCA 4428 DekaTron Corporation Kullberg Dismissal
06/09/2016 CBCA 3907, 3953, 4002, 4015, 4108, 4171, 4172, 4192, 4311, 4315, 4323, 4376, 4393, 4424, 4432, 4451, 4472, 4479 Kiewit-Turner, A Joint Venture Daniels Dismissal
06/09/2016 CBCA 4997-RELO Magdy M. Sorial Kullberg Decision
06/06/2016 CBCA 4984-FEMA Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Daniels Decision
06/06/2016 CBCA 5322 Melwood Horticultural Training Center, Inc. Vergilio Dismissal
06/03/2016 CBCA 2505 Au' Authum Ki, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
06/03/2016 CBCA 1578 Dolan Mechanical, Inc. Zischkau Dismissal
06/03/2016 CBCA 4740 Marine Metal, Inc. Zischkau Decsion
06/03/2016 CBCA 3941-ISDA, 3942-ISDA, 3943-ISDA, 3944-ISDA Pueblo of Sandia Zischkau Dismissal
06/03/2016 CBCA 3704(1821)-REM Rockies Express Pipeline LLC Goodman Decision
06/02/2016 CBCA 4810-ISDA Greenville Rancheria Somers Dismissal
06/01/2016 CBCA 5285 First Place Auto Sales Sullivan Dismissal
06/01/2016 CBCA 5303-ISDA Northern Arapaho Tribe Drummond Dismissal
05/31/2016 CBCA 4846-RELO Charles A. Hines Zischkau Decision
05/31/2016 CBCA 4899-RELO John T. Bellamy Vergilio Decision
05/26/2016 CBCA 4776 CAE USA, Inc. Lester Decision
05/26/2016 CBCA 5041, 5042 B.C. Construction Co., Inc. Sheridan Decision
05/26/2016 CBCA 5308 Future Forest, LLC Sheridan Decision
05/26/2016 CBCA 3686 James West Automotive Zischkau Dismissal
05/26/2016 CBCA 5311-ISDA Karuk Tribe Zischkau Dismissal
05/26/2016 CBCA 5304-RELO Shawn M. Rodman Daniels Decision
05/25/2016 CBCA 5171 Xerox Corporation Walters Dismissal
05/20/2016 CBCA 4892-RELO Joshua W. Hughes Walters Decision
05/20/2016 CBCA 5151-RELO Patrick L. Keller Kullberg Decision
05/20/2016 CBCA 5162 VMH Realty LLC and 1800 Veterans LLC Daniels Dismissal
05/19/2016 CBCA 4079 Asheville Jet Charter and Management, Inc. Sullivan Decision
05/18/2016 CBCA 4706, 5145 League Medical Concepts, LLC Walters Dismissal
05/18/2016 CBCA 5037-ISDA Match-e-be-nash-she-wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians Kullberg Dismissal
05/17/2016 CBCA 5052-RELO Bradley Hebing Somers Decision
05/17/2016 CBCA 4860 Canon Solutions America, Inc. Walters Dismissal
05/17/2016 CBCA 4815 Kimetrica LLC Daniels Dismissal
05/17/2016 CBCA 5164-RELO Martino H. Nguyen Somers Decision
05/17/2016 CBCA 4012, 4013, 5083 Universal Home Health and Industrial Supplies, Inc. Sullivan Decision
05/16/2016 CBCA 5064-R Pacific Coast Community Services, Inc. Sheridan Decision
05/16/2016 CBCA 5186-RELO Susan G. Hashemi Sullivan Decision
05/09/2016 CBCA 4958-RELO Paul T. Burns Sullivan Decision
05/09/2016 CBCA 5284 Rude Environmental Services LLC Somers Dismissal
05/09/2016 CBCA 5138-ISDA Sinte Gleska University Goodman Dismissal
05/06/2016 CBCA 5215-RELO Tyler D. Warner Walters Decision
05/06/2016 CBCA 4867 José Gustavo Zeno Hyatt Decision
05/05/2016 CBCA 5230-ISDA Susanville Indian Rancheria Goodman Dismissal
05/05/2016 CBCA 5231-TRAV D'Ann Sherwood Sullivan Decision
05/04/2016 CBCA 5080 Coburn Contractors, LLC Zischkau Decision
05/03/2016 CBCA 5021 Cannibal Mountain Logging, LLC Vergilio Dismissal
05/02/2016 CBCA 4968 Optimum Services, Inc. Kullberg Decision
04/28/2016 CBCA 4196 AutoFlex, Inc. Vergilio Decision
04/28/2016 CBCA 3407, 4173, 4338, 4908 Group Health Incorporated Goodman Dismissal
04/28/2016 CBCA 4338 Douglas Consulting and Computer Services, Inc. Goodman Dismissal
04/27/2016 CBCA 3073-FEMA City of New Orleans, Louisiana Vergilio Dismissal
04/25/2016 CBCA 5019 Meridian Management Corporation Sullivan Dismissal
04/25/2016 CBCA 5027-RELO Victor M. Rivers Lester Decision
04/22/2016 CBCA 4946-RELO George Panos Daniels Decision
04/22/2016 CBCA 4452 Rodriguez Construction LLC Vergilio Decision
04/21/2016 CBCA 5181-ISDA, 5182-ISDA, 5183-ISDA, 5184-ISDA, 5185-ISDA The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon Somers Dismissal
04/21/2016 CBCA 5286-RELO Willie J. Chandler Lester Decision
04/20/2016 CBCA 4996-R G2G, LLC Daniels Decision
04/20/2016 CBCA 3873 Integrity Management Consulting, Inc. Daniels Dismissal
04/20/2016 CBCA 5202-TRAV Katrina A. Semick Lester Decision
04/20/2016 CBCA 4954 Meltech Corp., Inc. Somers Dismissal
04/19/2016 CBCA 5241-ISDA, 5242-ISDA, 5243-ISDA, 5244-ISDA, 5245-ISDA Samish Indian Nation Lester Dismissal
04/15/2016 CBCA 5100-RELO Roger C. Castro Lester Decision
04/15/2016 CBCA 5263-ISDA Ho-Chunk Nation Sheridan Dismissal