Image of the CBCA courtroom, books of decisions, and front door.

The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) is an independent tribunal housed within the General Services Administration. The CBCA presides over various disputes involving Federal executive branch agencies. Its primary responsibility is to resolve contract disputes between government contractors and agencies under the Contract Disputes Act. The CBCA encourages the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in all appropriate cases. For a full discussion of the CBCA and its jurisdiction and history, please see The Board.

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New Decisions

Decision Date Case Number Appellant / Claimant / Applicant Judge
10/02/2015 CBCA 4739-TRAV Amy Jirsa-Smith Sullivan
09/30/2015 CBCA 4590, 4758 Kevcon, Inc. Walters
09/29/2015 CBCA 3178 Harbor Services, LLC Somers
09/29/2015 CBCA 4935-ISDA Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Somers
09/29/2015 CBCA 3879 Brad West and Associates, Inc. Pollack
09/29/2015 CBCA 4845 G2G, LLC Daniels
09/29/2015 CBCA 4923-ISDA Omaha Tribe of Nebraska Pollack
09/29/2015 CBCA 4700 Technical Professional Service, Inc. Sheridan
09/29/2015 CBCA 3912 Safe Haven Enterprises, LLC Lester
09/28/2015 CBCA 4586-RELO Ivett A. Leyva Sheridan
09/28/2015 CBCA 4594(3048)-REM Reliable Contracting Group, LLC Sheridan
09/25/2015 CBCA 3133, 3966 DOT Construction, Inc. Drummond
09/25/2015 CBCA 4868-ISDA, 4869-ISDA, 4870-ISDA, 4871-ISDA, 4872-ISDA, 4873-ISDA, 4874-ISDA, 4875-ISDA Squaxin Island Tribe Zischkau
09/24/2015 CBCA 2866-R Watermark Environmental, Inc. Zischkau
09/23/2015 CBCA 4861-RELO Jerome K. Adams Drummond
09/22/2015 CBCA 4027-RELO Charles E. Willey Kullberg
09/22/2015 CBCA 4952 Kristin Allred Lester
09/17/2015 CBCA 4811-ISDA, 4812-ISDA Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation Sullivan
09/17/2015 CBCA 4890 French Construction LLC Goodman
09/17/2015 CBCA 3725 Hearthstone, Inc. Sullivan
09/17/2015 CBCA 4757-ISDA Hoopa Valley Tribe Goodman
09/17/2015 CBCA 4672-ISDA Northern Cheyenne Tribe Sullivan
09/15/2015 CBCA 4673 Amir Aghdam Goodman
09/14/2015 CBCA 4001, 4335, 4541 Affiliated Western, Inc. Somers
09/14/2015 CBCA 4731 Andy Michalek Logging, Inc. Kullberg
09/14/2015 CBCA 4618 Sam Bickle Logging, Inc. Sheridan
09/11/2015 CBCA 4622-ISDA, 4623-ISDA, 4624-ISDA, 4625-ISDA, 4626-ISDA Nisqually Indian Tribe Lester
09/11/2015 CBCA 4914-ISDA, 4915-ISDA San Carlos Apache Tribe Lester
09/11/2015 CBCA 4917 Computer Sciences Corporation Vergilio
09/10/2015 CBCA 3627, 3722, 3766, 3784, 3789, 3898, 3968, 3973, 4003, 4025, 4067, 4106, 4109, 4141, 4146, 4310, 4312, 4318, 4322, 4325, 4329, 4333 Kiewit-Turner, A Joint Venture Daniels
09/10/2015 CBCA 4122 LYB Mechanical Timber Falling and Processing Sheridan
09/08/2015 CBCA 4613-RELO Michael R. Lujan Somers
09/08/2015 CBCA 4612(3359)-REM Western States Federal Contracting LLC Sheridan
09/04/2015 CBCA 4797-RELO Christopher R. Chin-Young Daniels